Paracetamol poisoning guidelines

Here is the summary article from yesterday’s teaching. There is a link to the full article at the end of the summary. It’s worthwhile looking at the end of the article as there are some very useful tables/flowcharts.

Paracetamol poisoning MJA

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MVH JMO teaching roster

Please click below for the:

MVH JMO teaching roster

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Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine Clinical Communique Vol 3 Issue 3

This is published every 3mths by the VIFM. It looks at cases that have gone through the VIFM, similar to a Morbidity and Mortality session looking at what was missed and how we can avoid doing the same.

VIFM Clinical Communiqué Volume 3 Issue 3 September 2016

Cheers, Malcolm.

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Free ECHO online course

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Articles: 3 minute ED presentations

Hi everyone,

Here are a couple of articles that talk about how to present cases in ED in 3 minutes. This can be modified to be used in the ISOBAR format, or for case presentations using powerpoint. These are meant for medical students, but they are actually good for every level. I learnt a few things from them too.

The 3-Minute Emergency Medicine Medical Student Presentation: A Variation on a Theme

Oral Presentations in Emergency Medicine

Let me know if you find it helpful.

Cheers, Malcolm.

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Resident teaching 15-09-16

Topic; Cardiology

14:00-15:00 Practical Pacing and Cardioversion  (Jane Senior and Barbie Payne)

15.00-15.30 Syncope (Jane Senior)

15.30-16.00 ECG Quiz– prizes to be won!

Please meet in the Resus room at 2pm to start the session

Classification Syncope

High risk factors for Syncope from ESC


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Resident teaching 8-9-16

This weeks timetable;

14.00-15.00 M&M department meeting

15.00-16.00 Assessment of an Acute Abdomen, Amir Ashrafizadeh-Surgical Registrar

Please try your best to be on time


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