Education Session: Ambu aScope

Here is the pre-reading for the Education Session on the Ambu aScope.

Objectives for the session:

1. Indications for endoscopic airway instrumentation

(1) looking at airways (eg. burns, FBs, stridor)
(2) awake fibreoptic intubation
(3) intubation through a supraglottic device following failed intubation

2. Discussion of recent cases

3. Patient preparation

4. Airway local anaesthetic topicalisation

5. Environment preparation

6. Use of the aScope

Device familiarisation

The aView Monitor:

One of the consultants got intubated by his registrars. It shows the challenge of topicalisation in a non-sedated patient who has not received an antisialogogue:

Further comments and reflection by the intubatee are documented here

The retrieval service (Greater Sydney Area HEMS) has been using the aScope for several years and has some useful aides-memoire and checklists available below.

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Articles of interest

Alpha-blockers in renal colic (rebel em)

Challenging patients (dftb)

”Expectations in the trauma bay”

Calcaneus fractures (core em)

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My talk from today:


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Australian Prescriber Feb 2017

Some articles which may be of interest:

Should pulse pressure influence prescribing?

Antimicrobial use and resistance in Australia

Midazolam for status epilepticus

Drugs for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Articles that may be of interest

Paediatric otitis media

Paediatric pain management

Antibiotic sensitivity overview (Core EM)

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My presentation from today looking at basics of drowning, with a link to the flowchart from Tintinalli.


Flowchart (Tintinalli)

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Powerpoints of my presentations today, giving an overview on toxinology.


Snake bite flowchart


Marine envenomation

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