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Education Session: Shock

Knowledge Review Quiz here Cases we discussed are here Causes of elevated LACTATES Venue Ultrasound : Auto VTI Demo Femoral vs radial arterial lines, and non-invasive vs invasive BP measurement (PulmCrit): Other references: 1. Perner A, Cecconi M, Cronhjort

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Education Session: Ambu aScope

Here is the pre-reading for the Education Session on the Ambu aScope. Objectives for the session: 1. Indications for endoscopic airway instrumentation (1) looking at airways (eg. burns, FBs, stridor) (2) awake fibreoptic intubation (3) intubation through a supraglottic device

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Resus Topic: Vascular Access

Our first resus topic of the month is Vascular Access. Here are the questions, which you can download as a PDF here Resus Topic of the Week: Vascular Access 1. Where are central venous catheters (CVCs) kept? 2. What are

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Status Epilepticus Sim 2016-05-26

This hypothetical case was simulated today with resident medical staff and nursing staff. The Case An obese 40 year male with type 2 diabetes mellitus presented in status epilepticus. He had taken an oral hypoglycaemic agent but rather than have

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Cardiac Arrest Sim 2016-04-06

A case of hyperkalaemia resulting in ventricular fibrillation followed by symptomatic bradycardia was simulated. The simulation highlighted some great learning points worth sharing: In cardiac arrest, it is worth having both medical and nursing team leaders, with physicians focusing on diagnosis

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Cardiac Arrest Sim 2016-03-11

A case of refractory ventricular fibrillation was simulated, outlining the challenges faced in a non-cardiac centre in a patient for whom standard Advanced Cardiac Life Support measures fail to achieve return of spontaneous circulation. The simulation highlighted some excellent approaches

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Resident Education 11-02-2016

1400 Airway Mangement Checklist 1430 Case Presentation 1500 Airway Practical Skills Basic Airway Management Surgical Airway References / Further Reading:  

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